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Chapter 1
The Letterbox Collection
Inspired by Hong Kong's rich past, the Letterbox Collection features 388 unique NFTs of sheet metal letterboxes designed by G.O.D. and Artifact Labs.
As collectors of the letterboxes, you will receive:
20% Discount*
at All G.O.D. Stores
*20% off until December 31st, 2023. and 10% off until June 30th, 2025.
A Free Exclusive Letterbox Tote Bag
*Redeemable in selected Hong Kong G.O.D. physical stores only
Invitation to Private Events Hosted by G.O.D

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請: The Invitation

Hosted by Douglas Young, G.O.D., and Artifact Labs, 請 is an exclusive invitation to the rediscovery of Hong Kong through secrets, experiences, stories, and memories.
With 請, we are hosting a faithful retelling of Hong Kong’s history with a modern twist. In each Chapter of 請, participants will be invited to a new reality-bending experience that bridges Hong Kong’s past with its future, and the digital world with our physical city.


Apply To Be An Early Member
The Early Invitation
An exclusive token for early supporters of the invitation. First come first serve.
Access To
Guaranteed Allowlist for The Genesis Collection
Opportunity to personalize your Letterboxes
Chance to win exclusive prizes and merchandise
Exclusive Discord roles and channels

Chapter 1

The Genesis Collection
- The Letterboxes
Your invitation to the rediscovery of Hong Kong through collecting, participating in unique experiences, and more.
Chapter 1 Experience
A one of a kind physical experience based in Hong Kong.

Chapter 2 and onwards


About Us

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Goods of Desire, or G.O.D. 住好啲, is an iconic heritage design and lifestyle brand that is quintessentially Hong Kong. Inspired by the vibrant culture of this energetic city, where east meets west, and age-old traditions meet cutting-edge technology, G.O.D. has been turning everyday subjects into extraordinary objects since 1996. From the Starbucks Bing Sutt to mah jong wine markers, founder Douglas Young has always found a way to infuse the city’s culture into unsuspecting items, showcasing Hong Kong’s unique heritage through design.
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Artifact Labs is an independent web3 and NFT company building blockchain strategies, products, and platforms that serve organizations with cultural and historical IP. The company is on a mission to ‘Preserve and Connect Culture and History’ on the blockchain, and enable all guardians of culture and history to maximize the impact of their most valuable assets. Artifact Labs is a one-stop solution for partners looking to build in web3, providing support through advisory, product development, blockchain engineering, and community management. All ‘ARTIFACTs’ are connected via a proprietary metadata standard governed by the non-profit Artifact Association, which allows for the verifiable authentication and global discovery of cultural and historical NFTs. Artifact Labs was originally incubated by the South China Morning Post, a global news media company that has reported on China for the world since 1903.

Together with Artifact Labs, G.O.D. is breathing new life into old objects and stories, just as they’ve always done, now on a web3 canvas.
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